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Tax Engineering
Jun 04
The largest banks of the world

Which are the largest banks in the world?

Which banks are the largest in the world? The Asian giant once again leads the list of the world's largest banks in 2018 for its total assets.

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Mar 12
E offshore banking

Uses of offshore bank accounts

Due to its unlimited uses offshore bank account is a simple and favorable tool for entrepreneurs and individuals. The advantages of owning an offshore account abroad are the following: 

  1. Offshore bank accounts in €, $, GBP, CHF, $ CAD, CNY, YEN; you can open a bank account in any currency with which you work and request plastic card for your personal or business bank account.
  2. Investments with offshore personal and business bank account; invest your money in the financial markets and be able to get the most out of the currency exchange according to your daily quote.
  3. Virtual POS for...

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Mar 04
To hide money under a mattress

Where to hide money?

How many times have we thought of some safe place where we can hide our money legally? The answer would be: many. A salary paid in cash, distrust in local banks, fear for our economic stability, the government that does not stop introducing new reforms of the banking system, all these and many other reasons and concerns oblige us to look for a place to hide what has cost us so much effort to earn.

But why do we still choose to hide our money at home if we see that a thief is not going to stop until he turns the whole house upside down and finds what he is looking for? Why do we keep choosing t...

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Jan 09
The most solvent banks in Europe

The most solvent banks in Europe

Working with the biggest banks in the world and in Europe has become a necessity rather than a preference. The financial crisis that we all lived has made us doubt all the financial institutions and banks that offer us confidentiality, solvency and security in near future.

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Dec 28
Bitcoin offshore

Bitcoin offshore

Bitcoin is a new offshore virtual currency used to make purchases and sales over the Internet in any country in the world with very low or no processing costs. If we compare it with the classic payment systems such as virtual POS, bank transfers or Western Union, the fraud index is inexistent since the Bitcoin wallet is installed on your computer or mobile phone that generates a unique key between the issuer of Bitcoin transaction and the receiver.

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