Bitcoin offshore

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What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a new offshore virtual currency used to make purchases and sales over the Internet in any country in the world with very low or no processing costs. If we compare it with the classic payment systems such as virtual POS, bank transfers or Western Union, the fraud index is inexistent since the Bitcoin wallet is installed on your computer or mobile phone that generates a unique key between the issuer of Bitcoin transaction and the receiver.

The new offshore currency is changing finances around the world for the following reasons:

  1. Bitcoin is managed by users who buy and sell bitcoins; no central monetary authority intervenes that could volatilize the offshore currency.
  2. The system of online payments is easier and safer; traditional payment systems such as processing payments by card, bank transfers, western union or moneygram do not intervene the transfers.
  3. Ideal payment system for Internet businesses in emerging countries.
  4. Bitcoin offshore currency can not be seized or withheld by banks and is an ideal tool to protect your money and avoid government corruption.
  5. It is a politically stable and neutral currency; can be used in any country in the world without affecting the political stability of the country.
  6. Bitcoin is a transparent currency, all transactions are public but the recipients of bitcoin are opaque. Therefore, the tax authorities can never be the final beneficiary of the account.
  7. Bitcoin is the safest offshore currency and its counterfeiting is impossible.
  8. No banker can manipulate Bitcoins thanks to the encryption and transparency that this currency is subjected to.
  9. Low transaction costs; you will not have commissions when sending and receiving bitcoins if you use normal priority, only if you want to perform the transaction quickly.
  10. Bitcoin does not accept refunds or chargebacks; charges for this offshore virtual currency is irreversible and the seller is protected.
  11. Send Bitcoins from Europe to the United States in ten minutes, there are no intermediary banks or cumbersome commissions.
  12. Bitcoin virtual currency is very secure and doesn’t require PCI.
  13. Accept Bitcoin as donations without having problems with money laundering.
  14. Create your own Bitcoin financial system; you can become your own offshore bank or Bitcoin payment processor.
  15. Create Bitcoin invoices.
  16. Bitcoin payments are economic.
  17. Bitcoin is volatile and unpredictable and can go up or down in a short time; you can change the Bitcoins to your local currency whenever you want.
  18. Bitcoin is a new virtual currency and there are legal gaps in reference to the payment of taxes since the transactions are carried out in an online currency that is not supervised by any central bank, the VAT taxes could be avoided in a legal way since it is not an official currency in the European Union.

How can I install my secure Bitcoin wallet?

To install the Bitcoin wallet in your computer, mobile phone or tablet you can do it in Bitcoin.

The precautions you have to have when installing your wallet and using Bitcoins are the following:

  1. Make backup copies of your Bitcoin, print the balances or save them to a hard drive.
  2. Never forget the password, otherwise your Bitcoin funds could be lost forever.

To sell and buy Bitcoins you have to download a Bitcoin wallet and use Bitcoin exchange platforms like Plus500. In order to save the maximum taxes in all Bitcoin transactions you can link your Bitcoin account of purchase and sale to an offshore bank account for non-residents in this way all the purchases and sales of this currency will be kept in offshore financial center where they will not be taxed.