Where to hide money?

How many times have we thought of some safe place where we can hide our money legallyThe answer would be: many. A salary paid in cash, distrust in local banks, fear for our economic stability, the government that does not stop introducing new reforms of the banking system, all these and many other reasons and concerns oblige us to look for a place to hide what has cost us so much effort to earn.

But why do we still choose to hide our money at home if we see that a thief is not going to stop until he turns the whole house upside down and finds what he is looking for? Why do we keep choosing to feel worried when leaving home instead of finding a safe place where all our savings can be protected? 

We offer our customers a much better place to hide money by moving their funds to offshore. Yes, most of our clients contact us with exactly this question: Where can I hide my money? My money that has cost me so much effort to earn in order to make sure that my children and grandchildren can enjoy it or for me to have a quiet retirement and our response is: Move it to Offshore. 

An option that was previously available only to multinational companies is now available to anyone. What is wrong or illegal in finding safe ways to save money in offshore? Nothing, you will not be committing any crime transferring your money to offshore jurisdiction

Today there are many countries whose banks can offer us financial stability and access to our capital from any part of the world. Switzerland, Malta, Latvia, Belize, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and many other offshore jurisdictions develop their financial policy by favoring the registration of offshore companies and offshore bank accounts by foreigners giving them an opportunity to work saving on taxes and keeping their profits in the safe banks. 

We have thought about the advantages of hiding money in offshore demanded by our clients and we have highlighted the following: 

  • Hide money to protect capital and assets against foreclosures.
  • Hide money to have more anonymity, which is achieved by using the nominated service.
  • Hide money to eliminate taxes.
  • Hide money to have legal security.
  • Have political stability.
  • You can access your savings from any country in the world if you hide money in an offshore.

Do not you think now that the best place to hide your money is offshore? Or do you still find this option very complicated?