Uses of offshore bank accounts

Due to its unlimited uses offshore bank account is a simple and favorable tool for entrepreneurs and individuals. The advantages of owning an offshore account abroad are the following: 

  1. Offshore bank accounts in €, $, GBP, CHF, $ CAD, CNY, YEN; you can open a bank account in any currency with which you work and request plastic card for your personal or business bank account.
  2. Investments with offshore personal and business bank account; invest your money in the financial markets and be able to get the most out of the currency exchange according to your daily quote.
  3. Virtual POS for your company; if you sell online you can apply for a virtual POS to process the payments on your website or by phone according to the modality offered by the bank.
  4. Open savings bank accounts; you can request a savings bank account to receive interest on the bank deposits. The percentage rate will vary according to the financial markets of the moment.
  5. Receive money and send money without exchange traps in your offshore account; in countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba currency traps (exchange controls) forbid free cash flow. This means that their governments do not let them invest in any other currency other than the official one. If a customer from Argentina has business relations with a Spanish company, the Argentine customer will never be able to pay in Euros, US $ or GBP.
  6. Ask for personal loans or bank guarantees; if the client has a good credit history he can request credits or bank guarantees for his company.
  7. Investments in the stock market, FOREX and access to the foreign exchange markets; the customer, both individuals and companies, will be able to make investments in the stock market, FOREX and access the currency markets since they will not have any type of exchange rate or exchange control.
  8. Accumulate benefits in your offshore bank account; the client can have his deposits in the bank for any period of time and without taxes. The profits can be distributed at any moment.
  9. Bank account without restrictions; any person in the world can open a personal bank account without restrictions by nationality.
  10. Perform fast banking operations using online banking; bank accounts have online banking where the customers can see their bank statements and perform any operation without leaving home.
  11. There are no limits when depositing money in an offshore bank but if the amounts are very high logically the bank may ask you to clarify the origin of money. The bank will need to justify the income; these anti-money laundering measures are imposed by the central governments.