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Investor in a tax haven

How to be a good investor in tax haven?

To be a good investor you have to take into account that a tax haven can be any place except the jurisdiction where one lives, works and earns regular income. Curiously, our country of residence can be a tax haven for other people, tourists or retirees, who live in Spain, for example, almost permanently without being controlled by tax agents.

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Panama Financial Center


Panama is a fully independent Central American country that enjoys high political and financial stability influenced by the United States. Its privileged geographic location makes this offshore jurisdiction one of the preferred countries for foreign investments.

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Cyprus a country with few taxes in the European Union


Cyprus is considered a modern and economically very stable jurisdiction, being the preferred one for investors located in the European Union due to its low tax rates.

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Switzerland the best offshore center in Europe


Switzerland enjoys being one of the most economically stable countries in the world and one of the best countries to live according to New York Times ranking. Due to the latest developments related to the exchange of financial information between countries, Switzerland was forced to stop implementing laws on bank secrecy and has been eliminating the financial opacity with the countries of the European Union.

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Internet: The biggest tax haven

Internet: The biggest tax haven

Internet has become the largest tax haven in the world and a space where major number of electronic transactions takes place. Through the Internet, capital can be moved within just seconds and real-time commercial, monetary and stock transactions can be carried out from one part of the world to another. Today Internet counts with almost 4 billion of users from all over the world.

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