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Crisis in tax havens

Are tax havens in crisis?

Are tax havens in crisis? Are they losing popularity or more and more hat havens re-emerge? If we pay attention to the media of communication and hear the promises that high-tax countries make with the eradication of tax havens, we could say yes, but the scenario is totally different.

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Delaware Financial Center


Delaware is one of the 50 states that form the United States of America, a country that is considered the best financial center in the world and the capital of e-commerce. United States has not signed any type of automatic exchange of information agreement and it is expected that many investments that were shifted to Europe, Asia and Latin America will return again to the United States.

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Latvia a country with low corporation taxes


Thanks to the convenient geographic location of Latvia, its infrastructure, growth of the banking sector and open economy, it has become one of the European countries that attracted the most foreign investment in recent years. The Latvian government favors the development of small and medium companies and online businesses.

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Belize tax savings for non-residents


The government of Belize makes large investments in the development of international business and guarantees political stability and constant growth of the financial sector. In recent years, confidence in offshore sector of Belize has grown significantly among foreign investors.

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Saint Kitts and Nevis what taxes do I have to pay in the country

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is the first offshore jurisdiction in the Caribbean. Currently natural and legal persons that do not reside in the country and whose income does not come from its territory are not obliged to pay taxes.

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