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United Kingdom is the second financial center in the world

United Kingdom

United Kingdom, a former member of the European Union, is considered the second most important financial center in the world. Its economy is based on finance and its stability or weakness influences all financial markets. The United Kingdom is considered along with the United States as the capital of e-commerce and hence many technology companies are operating from this magnificent jurisdiction.

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Residence in tax havens

Residence in tax havens

The change of residence must be properly planned taking into account all aspects that may affect it in the future. Being non-resident has important consequences when it comes to not only paying taxes but also choosing where and what is taxed and in what concept. In many countries the residence entails the taxation for all the returns that are obtained in any part of the world.

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Financial markets in tax havens

Financial markets in tax havens

In order to understand the concept of the financial market, we have to analyze the concept of tax havens for non-residents: it would be a modality of financial centers, such as Belize, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Hong Kong, Vanuatu, which have emerged on the basis of financial globalization.

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Types of offshore financial centers

Characteristics of financial centers

Offshore financial center can be defined as any financial center where extraterritorial activity takes place, that is, the financial activity dedicated to non-residents. This definition also includes all financial centers in the world, where there is no distinction between offshore businesses for non-residents and onshore for residents.

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Territory of low taxation

What is a territory of low taxation?

The key to saving taxes abroad is to have a company or bank account in a territory with low taxes. Territories of low taxation are known also by many different names: offshore, offshore territories, offshore jurisdictions or tax havens.

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