Company formation agents in tax havens

When registering a company in tax haven, it is very important to turn up to an agent, adviser or financial intermediary who will help you choose a jurisdiction that, due to its characteristics, would be ideal for the growth of the business you want to develop. In addition, this agent will advise you throughout the whole process, carrying out the incorporation according to the laws of the chosen tax haven. 

Currently there are also many banks that offer company and trust formation services, tax advice and investment planning. In this case, the bank acts as an intermediary agent between the client and the tax haven company registration agency that the bank and the customer have chosen together. 

The formation agents of companies whose services we usually find on the Internet in most cases reside in tax havens. Normally they are framed in companies together with different professionals (lawyers, economists, fiduciaries, financial and security advisers) from which they offer a wide range of services varying from being intermediaries when opening an account, to the management of assets, including the procedures of formation of companies or fiduciaries, fiscal advice and investments planning. 

Financial intermediaries are usually part of international professional associations. Belonging to them is a supplementary guarantee, although not total, of good work and professionalism. When selecting an agent, it is better to choose a lawyer or a professional who belongs to a legal firm. The experience, reputation and know how to act in various tax havens and countries of high taxation, also strengthen the guarantees of good service. 

The fees of a company formation agent and the closed price of the services usually vary depending on the tax haven that the client has chosen, the government fees that the company will have to pay annually, type of entity that is created, type of certification that request the client and additional services acquired when requesting the formation of the company.