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No resident tax

Non-resident taxes

What are non-resident taxes? What is a non-resident? Do non-residents and residents pay the same taxes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a resident of a certain country?

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Save taxes with a company LTD or INC

The 5 ways to save taxes in 2018 with a company

A company that is already incorporated in your country of tax residence or abroad can achieve greater tax savings than an individual. The main characteristics of the companies is that the owner of the company is not responsible for the assets he has earned as an individual and has the ability to deduct more taxes.

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Double taxation agreements

Double taxation agreements

The double taxation agreements are international agreements, whose objective is to avoid the situation in which the same income or the same property becomes the object of taxation twice in two different countries. There are three types of double taxation.

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Uses of offshore companies

Uses of offshore companies

Offshore companies have unlimited uses and benefits for entrepreneurs and individuals. See the 12 most valuable advantages you can obtain by forming an offshore company without taxes:

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Agent of formation of offshore companies

Company formation agents in tax havens

When registering a company in tax haven, it is very important to turn up to an agent, adviser or financial intermediary who will help you choose a jurisdiction that, due to its characteristics, would be ideal for the growth of the business you want to develop. In addition, this agent will advise you throughout the whole process, carrying out the incorporation according to the laws of the chosen tax haven.

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