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Higher corporate tax

Which countries have the highest corporate taxes in the world?

Which countries have the highest corporate taxes in the world? In year 2017 United States, Germany, France and Spain were positioned as the countries with the highest corporate tax rate in the world. What is the corporate tax? Corporate tax is a direct tax, whose value depends directly on the financial results of the business activity of a particular company.

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Offshore investments

Offshore investments

Undertaking a commercial or industrial activity creates wealth and employment. However, any business can be carried out only if your investments provide sufficient profitability. With an offshore investment a client can eliminate taxes and make competition to already consolidated companies.

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international tax planning

International tax planning

Tax planning is generally understood as the "detailed plan that allows the maximum tax savings of a comprehensive and durable fiscal operator". This plan may include international transactions or transactions involving non-resident entities, an area called International Tax Planning.

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diversify investments

How to diversify investments and give security to investments?

The search for diversification and financial security of investments comes naturally being hunt for security a part of a human nature. One of the most common strategies that help an investor reduce risk, protect capital and ensure its growth is covering a greater number of countries and currencies in which it will invest.

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Why do so many people move to offshore?

Why do so many people move to offshore?

There are many reasons why so many individuals, companies and investors more to offshore. And what are they? The reasons why people move to offshore territory are: new opportunities, business growth, reduced tax regimes and legal protection for the future.

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