Financial license for Forex in Belize

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What is a company with a FOREX financial license? To manage funds of third parties in FOREX it is mandatory to set up a company with a financial license regulated by a central bank or financial commission. 

We have received numerous inquiries on a cost effective way to obtain licenses for broker services (licenses to manage third-party funds).  This vehicle, that we are about to explain in details, is one of the most regulated and economical options to register a company with financial brokers license recognized anywhere in the world. Note that this license does not give any authority to invest in securities, or to manage services of customers with accounts.  This is only to operate as a currency broker firm and provide an online trading platform for your customers to conduct their own businesses, as well as provide other related services for your customers, such as, to open their own trade accounts with their business, to provide adequate access to their accounts through debit cards, as well as provide a complete additional brokerage service. 

Procedure for obtaining a FOREX license in Belize 

Note that before incorporating a company with objective of providing Foreign Exchange services, the following procedures shall apply:

  1. Formulation of a protocol and statutes, including especial provisions to conduct broker activities with the required capital; the share capital for the registration of a company to obtain a financial broker license is  $100.000. 
  2. The directors and shareholders of the company will have to be available for visits with the CEO to have interviews on the Project (physical visit to Belize to talk to the CEO). The company will be required to deposit the full amount of share capital ($100.000$) into an account of a local bank during the application process. The payment of the entire application fee (55.000$) to the IFSC will be required to be paid with the submission of the Application, and it is not refundable. 
  3. The appeal of the due diligence of each of the directors and beneficial owners of the company will be required.  

The above measures do not guarantee the approval for the incorporation of such license; this corresponds to the criteria of the CEO, but if the backgrounds and experience of the criteria are good, there is no reason for it to be declined. If for some reason the application is rejected, everything except the application fee and an small service management costs will be refunded of the full amount of the 12.500$, which includes the application fee, the acquisition of the license fee, annual license fee, registration of the company, bank account opening, and a shared virtual office. 

Approval and renewal of FOREX financial license 

If the license is approved, the license fee will be prorated during a month of December of the current year and must be paid before the certified is issued. The prorated fee is covered by our rate of 12.500$, together with the application fee. From this process, the renewal of the license fees for total of 2.500$ should be paid the first day of January of the following year. Please note that this would only be a currency broker license. There is a currency trading license, which also requires a much higher capitalization and an additional cost of acquisition, if registered together with the FOREX license. In Belize, no local directors or any physical operation or employees are required to operate as an authorized company. 

However, we believe that all activities can be carried out safely under this currency broker license, and any managed commercial activity can be carried out privately through a separate subsidiary, unregulated, non-Belizean, under the broker company. An alternative option could be a licensed investment fund in another jurisdiction such as St. Vincent or St. Lucia, if it is required a regulated entity to carry out the offer of real opportunities of investment funds.

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