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hide the identity of an anonymous offshore company

How to hide the identity of an anonymous offshore company?

Anonymous company can be defined as a non-profit organization, registered in a commercial register of a tax-free or 0% tax jurisdiction in which the final beneficiaries are not identified.

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offshore foreign company

What is a foreign company?

A foreign company is a legal entity registered by one or several individuals outside of their country or countries or residence. This kind of company can be set up with an aim of reducing the tax liability and increasing the protection of the assets acquired by the company.

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Special purpose entity

Special purpose entity to reduce tax liability

Special purpose entities are widely used in both, high and low tax states. The reputation and the usage of SPEs has always been connected to tax havens and offshore jurisdictions. However, onshore holding and multinationals also create this kind of flow-through entities to reduce tax liabilities and risks.

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Offshore Holding Company

What are Holding Companies?

Holding companies are legal and we could define them as entities that hold assets for the shares of other companies, the holding companies can have shares of offshore and onshore companies, they can operate all over the world and they are very sophisticated legal tax savings vehicles.

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Missing Trader

Is "missing trader" scheme legal?

Although a term “missing trader” may not sound too familiar to many clients, tax authorities are very aware of this scheme. The analogy of this term is quite accurate to define the real operations of companies created to make intra-community purchases of large volume not subject to value added tax, sell the merchandise to one or several trading companies without paying the corresponding VAT and disappear or go missing when it is time to fiscal liquidation of taxes.

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