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Safe for accounts abroad

Reasons to open bank accounts abroad

The purpose of opening a bank account abroad in this case is to seek new investments or undertake commercial activities, which are sometimes more profitable in other countries than in the country of residence. Although these operations can be carried out from the home country through a local bank, they can often be carried out more efficiently and flexibly through third countries and investment agents located abroad.

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Uses of offshore companies

Uses of offshore companies

Offshore companies have unlimited uses and benefits for entrepreneurs and individuals. See the 12 most valuable advantages you can obtain by forming an offshore company without taxes:

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Financial markets in tax havens

Financial markets in tax havens

In order to understand the concept of the financial market, we have to analyze the concept of tax havens for non-residents: it would be a modality of financial centers, such as Belize, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Hong Kong, Vanuatu, which have emerged on the basis of financial globalization.

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Agent of formation of offshore companies

Company formation agents in tax havens

When registering a company in tax haven, it is very important to turn up to an agent, adviser or financial intermediary who will help you choose a jurisdiction that, due to its characteristics, would be ideal for the growth of the business you want to develop. In addition, this agent will advise you throughout the whole process, carrying out the incorporation according to the laws of the chosen tax haven.

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Higher corporate tax

Which countries have the highest corporate taxes in the world?

Which countries have the highest corporate taxes in the world? In year 2017 United States, Germany, France and Spain were positioned as the countries with the highest corporate tax rate in the world. What is the corporate tax? Corporate tax is a direct tax, whose value depends directly on the financial results of the business activity of a particular company.

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