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To invest in gold

Why and how to invest in gold?

Gold is considered to be a safe bet since it is one of few assets whose value has been in constant growth throughout the history. Have you even though to invest in gold but the lack of information has stopped you? In this article we will try to provide you with as much details as one might need before making a decision to invest in gold.

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Famous tax havens

What are the most famous tax havens?

The most famous tax havens have maximum levels of security, transparency and sophistication and, as a result, attract huge amount of investments.

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Transfer money to offshore

How to transfer money to offshore?

Transferring money to offshore is easy Why do I have to transfer money offshore? How do I do that? Is it legal to transfer it offshore? What advantages and problems can I have in future?

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Transfer pricing

Transfer prices: What are they? How do they work?

Transfer prices, what are they? How do they work? The transfer prices could be defined as the legal capacity that a company has to transfer the profits of a parent company to a subsidiary company (CFC) located in a tax haven or in a jurisdiction with a lower tax.

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Offshore Holding Company

What are Holding Companies?

Holding companies are legal and we could define them as entities that hold assets for the shares of other companies, the holding companies can have shares of offshore and onshore companies, they can operate all over the world and they are very sophisticated legal tax savings vehicles.

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