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Dominica a country expert in assets protection and inheritance planning


Dominica is an island located in the Caribbean Sea, forming part of the Lesser Antilles. It became independent from the United Kingdom in 1967. Dominica is an offshore jurisdiction member of the Commonwealth and is considered by many experts a country expert in asset protection and inheritance planning.

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Save Taxes

How to save on taxes?

To save on taxes legally you have to avoid misinterpreting the tax laws and even better hire a specialist in international tax matters. As a general rule, people have to pay their taxes wherever they reside. For an European Union citizen it is completely legal to have a current account in any other country, including tax havens.

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Liechtenstein does not require taxes on physical persons


Principality of Liechtenstein is a modern jurisdiction with very good international investment programs. It is an offshore jurisdiction specialized in inheritance planning through its famous private foundations. Banking services of Liechtenstein are considered the best and most expensive in the world.

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Hong Kong the fourth largest financial center in the world

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the fourth largest financial center in the world and is one of the strongest economies in the world. Hong Kong is a leading offshore financial center that specializes in e-commerce, stock exchange investments, currencies and real estate investments. Hong Kong is a country completely independent from the United Kingdom since 1997 and is considered by China as a special administrative region.

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Investor in a tax haven

How to be a good investor in tax haven?

To be a good investor you have to take into account that a tax haven can be any place except the jurisdiction where one lives, works and earns regular income. Curiously, our country of residence can be a tax haven for other people, tourists or retirees, who live in Spain, for example, almost permanently without being controlled by tax agents.

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