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Types of offshore companies in Belize

Types of offshore companies in Belize

In Belize there are several types of offshore companies, such as the offshore companies IBC and the Belizean trusts. The Belizean laws allow the following forms of registration of offshore companies: Private company, Limited Liability Company (LTD), Limited Life Company, Joint Ventures and Cooperative Companies, Associations etc.

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To hide money under a mattress

Where to hide money?

How many times have we thought of some safe place where we can hide our money legally? The answer would be: many. A salary paid in cash, distrust in local banks, fear for our economic stability, the government that does not stop introducing new reforms of the banking system, all these and many other reasons and concerns oblige us to look for a place to hide what has cost us so much effort to earn.

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Internet: The biggest tax haven

Internet: The biggest tax haven

Internet has become the largest tax haven in the world and a space where major number of electronic transactions takes place. Through the Internet, capital can be moved within just seconds and real-time commercial, monetary and stock transactions can be carried out from one part of the world to another. Today Internet counts with almost 4 billion of users from all over the world.

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Crisis in tax havens

Are tax havens in crisis?

Are tax havens in crisis? Are they losing popularity or more and more hat havens re-emerge? If we pay attention to the media of communication and hear the promises that high-tax countries make with the eradication of tax havens, we could say yes, but the scenario is totally different.

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Delaware Financial Center


Delaware is one of the 50 states that form the United States of America, a country that is considered the best financial center in the world and the capital of e-commerce. United States has not signed any type of automatic exchange of information agreement and it is expected that many investments that were shifted to Europe, Asia and Latin America will return again to the United States.

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