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Blog Offshore 2016-9

Panama Papers

Who has benefited from the fraud of Panama's papers?

The leak of the world's largest information perpetrated by a law firm and a year-long journalistic investigation has culminated with the revelation of what have been called "Panama Papers". Those who still have not got an idea of the importance of the operation of tax havens in terms of the magnitude of the millions of euros that have been saved in them legally or who have made use of these ways to protect their money and tax planning legally.

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privacy in Tax Havens

Looking for privacy in Tax havens

For many people, the search for privacy and freedom is a basic vital goal that very commonly can be found in tax havens. Most of tax havens and offshore jurisdictions are quite isolated islands or countries and their economy is built on the protection of banking and private information of the clients and which do not have the treaties of the exchange of information with the countries of high taxation.

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