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Saint Kitts and Nevis what taxes do I have to pay in the country

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is the first offshore jurisdiction in the Caribbean. Currently natural and legal persons that do not reside in the country and whose income does not come from its territory are not obliged to pay taxes.

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Forex financial license in Belize

Financial license for Forex in Belize

What is a company with a FOREX financial license? To manage funds of third parties in FOREX it is mandatory to set up a company with a financial license regulated by a central bank or financial commission.

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Save taxes with a company LTD or INC

The 5 ways to save taxes in 2018 with a company

A company that is already incorporated in your country of tax residence or abroad can achieve greater tax savings than an individual. The main characteristics of the companies is that the owner of the company is not responsible for the assets he has earned as an individual and has the ability to deduct more taxes.

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Double taxation agreements

Double taxation agreements

The double taxation agreements are international agreements, whose objective is to avoid the situation in which the same income or the same property becomes the object of taxation twice in two different countries. There are three types of double taxation.

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United Kingdom is the second financial center in the world

United Kingdom

United Kingdom, a former member of the European Union, is considered the second most important financial center in the world. Its economy is based on finance and its stability or weakness influences all financial markets. The United Kingdom is considered along with the United States as the capital of e-commerce and hence many technology companies are operating from this magnificent jurisdiction.

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