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Blog Offshore 2018-5

Missing Trader

Is "missing trader" scheme legal?

Although a term “missing trader” may not sound too familiar to many clients, tax authorities are very aware of this scheme. The analogy of this term is quite accurate to define the real operations of companies created to make intra-community purchases of large volume not subject to value added tax, sell the merchandise to one or several trading companies without paying the corresponding VAT and disappear or go missing when it is time to fiscal liquidation of taxes.

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Tax optimization

The best tax optimization

In order to carry out the best tax optimization, we have to choose well the destination country of our investment. Whether we are a company or a private individual, we must analyze in depth the opportunities, in terms of tax optimization, provided by tax havens and other territories free of taxes within the framework of current international legality.

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Double Irish Dutch Sandwich

Is the Dutch sandwich legal in Europe?

If we talk about technological multinationals and their tax mathematics used to save on tax payment, we can not ignore the use of the two most frequent methods that in financial jargon are known as the Dutch sandwich and the Double Irish.

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