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Blog Offshore 2018-9

Special purpose entity

Special purpose entity to reduce tax liability

Special purpose entities are widely used in both, high and low tax states. The reputation and the usage of SPEs has always been connected to tax havens and offshore jurisdictions. However, onshore holding and multinationals also create this kind of flow-through entities to reduce tax liabilities and risks.

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You also can open a bank account in Andorra

Throughout a history Andorra was a safe place for large fortunes and private banks. Because of its landscape and highly developed financial sector it has been often compared to Switzerland. However, with the process of globalization that our society has been living during last 20 years more and more middle-class workers and startups prefer to keep its earnings outside of the country where they usually reside.

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To invest in gold

Why and how to invest in gold?

Gold is considered to be a safe bet since it is one of few assets whose value has been in constant growth throughout the history. Have you even though to invest in gold but the lack of information has stopped you? In this article we will try to provide you with as much details as one might need before making a decision to invest in gold.

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