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Anonymous card in EUR

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Apply for offshore anonymous Visa card in Euros free of automatic information exchange to make anonymous purchases and receive money from any person or company.

Reference: TP59356EU


Offshore anonymous card in EUR

What is an offshore anonymous card? Offshore anonymous prepaid cards don’t have the name of the cardholder on it and are issued by financial entities registered outside of the country of the tax residence of the beneficiary and legally supervised by a central bank. Would you like to make anonymous purchases, receive money from any person or company and be able to withdraw it at all the ATMs in the world? This and much more can be done with the offshore anonymous cards in Euros or American Dollars. 

The latest regulations for the automatic exchange of banking information have considerably reduced the privacy of natural persons when opening a bank account in a jurisdiction other than that of their country of residence. Currently, if someone seeks for privacy, he can obtain it in two ways:

  1. The first one would be to open a personal bank account in a country that has not signed the automatic information exchange treaty, for example Peru, the United States, Thailand or Vietnam.
  2. The second way to obtain financial privacy would be to order an offshore anonymous card in regulated financial entities. The new regulations for the automatic exchange of information exempt from reporting information to financial institutions those entities that issue prepaid cards and offer payment gateways solutions. The main characteristic of these financial entities is that they are not banking entities that capture funds. That is to say, the money that the payment entity receives cannot give the client any interest rate and therefore the risk of fiscal fraud is very low. The main distinguishing characteristic between offshore card issuing entities and the banks is that the first ones cannot receive cash and the only ways of recharging anonymous cards are by bank transfer or card to card.

Advantages of offshore anonymous cards:

  • The offshore anonymous cards are exempt from taxes. The cardholder is not obliged to pay taxes in the country where the payment entity is registered, which will be the entity receiving the funds by bank transfer. Using an offshore tax-exempt anonymous card does not imply that the cardholder is not obliged to declare the benefits obtained. If the client is obliged to declare all the worldwide income in his country of residence, it is advisable to declare it and then through double taxation agreements, the client may deduct taxes in his country of tax residence.
  • Offshore cards are truly anonymous due to the fact that the cardholders are not required to report information to any country.
  • Anonymous card can be recharged by bank transfer or with another debit or credit card. The incoming funds will never go on the name of the beneficiary of the card since it will be made in the name of the financial institution and internally the entity will credit the funds to your account. Once the bank transfer has been made, the money can be credited to the account in 2 working days.
  • The receipt of funds from another card is fast. 
  • The card owner or third parties can recharge the offshore anonymous card. That is to say, the card can receive funds from your clients at very low commissions.
  • The card can be issued in the name of individuals and legal persons.
  • The initial activation deposit is low, only 100 euros. The client will have to make a bank transfer to his card to activate it. The minimum deposit is counted in favor of the client and can be used at any moment.
  • The customer can send or receive money from card to card. The recharge by card to card will be instantaneous.
  • There will be no limit on the receipt of money in the card account but keep in mind that if the amounts are very high you may be asked to justify the origin of funds to avoid money laundering.
  • You can withdraw money at any ATM in the world. If the customer has an anonymous card in Euros and decides to withdraw money in Japan, the client will receive Japanese Yen (JPY) in cash and the entity will convert it to euros charging the commissions set by Visa or MasterCard at the moment.
  • The customer will obtain an excess to online banking where he can see any movement made on the card, either in receipt of funds or in the expenses incurred.
  • The anonymous card is not associated with a bank account but with the bank account that the entity has in a bank.
  • The payment institutions have guarantee deposits for customers amounting to 100,000 euros per account. In case of bankruptcy of the financial institution the central bank will be obliged to pay an amount that the client has in the account of the entity with a maximum of 100,000 euros.
  • Capacity of massive transfers to multiple cards.
  • Make purchases in physical POS terminals in any physical store. In this case the cardholder is identified by introducing his PIN in 3D Secure mode.
  • The customer can make any purchase online anonymously.
  • The anonymous card can be used as gift card. The customer can send a card physically with money to an employee, any relative or friend who can use it as cash.
  • Offshore anonymous card is a perfect way to have your money with you when travelling. By accessing your online banking you obtain the control over all your expenses. Also if you don’t want to spend more than you were planning to then you can transfer to your card only certain amounts per day or per week. This way of managing your money is also very practical for those situations when your card gets lost or stolen because you only risk that certain amount that was on your card at that moment. After filing the corresponding police report you can claim all the expenses incurred on your card in case it was stolen and used without your knowledge.
  • You can make purchases of Bitcoin-type virtual coins.
  • The offshore anonymous card can be a perfect tool when transferring money to your children for their personal expenses. As it is a pre-paid and can provide usable funds at any ATM in the world you are in control of the money you want your children to spend.

The offshore anonymous card cannot be used to activate accounts in payment systems such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Skrill and Amazon Pay because they do not have a name associated with the card and normally these payment systems require identification.


Opening and issuance of the electronic account / card
Opening the electronic accountFree
First card issuance (includes delivery by courier€ 695
Security deposit€ 150
Priority pass at airportsThe card has no cost but the customer pays $ 24 for each ticket
Annual fee of the electronic account and the card from the second year€ 150
Monthly maintenance fee for the electronic accountFree
Monthly maintenance fee for inactive electronic accountFree
Monthly fee for maintenance of online banking€ 5
Card replacement€ 100
Block the card / Electronic accountFree
Close electronic account€ 50
Validity of the card24 months
Card operations
Commission for withdrawal at ATMs3 withdrawals a month for free, then 2.50% (min. € 5.00)
Commission for withdrawal at affiliated banks2.50% (€ 5.00 min)
Commission for purchases€ 0.00
Request the balance of the card at a cashier€ 3.00
Declination in ATMs or Point of Sale (POS) due to insufficient funds€ 0.50
Currency exchangeBased on the current change on the day of the transaction
Transaction services
Provision of funds by bank transferFree
Provision of funds through cards issued by other banks1.50% (€ 5 min)
Funding through TopUp cards3.00% (€ 5 min)
Transfers to electronic accounts / Cards of other users within the Online Banking0.25% (min 0.50, max € 15)
Transfers to your own electronic account / Cards within the Online BankingFree
Bank transfer0.5%
Search for outgoing payment€ 50
Outgoing payment refund€ 50
Return of incoming funds to the sender€ 50
Incoming payment search€ 50
Daily withdrawal limit (in 24 hours)€ 3,500
Monthly withdrawal limit€ 45,000
Maximum amount of cargo deposit per day€ 50,000
Maximum amount of cargo deposit per day with cards€ 50,000
Maximum number of card supply deposits per day (in 24 hours)5
Additional services electronic account / card
Replace password for online bankingFree
Issue the card urgently (24 hours)Additional cost € 45
Assign an individual limit for electronic card / account use€ 20
Extract electronic accountFree
Review of the claim€ 25
Review of unjustified claim€ 75
Assign an individual limit for electronic card / account use€ 20
Technical discovery€ 35
Purchase insurance (optional)Free
Accident insurance (optional)Free
Travel insurance (optional)Free
Traveling SIM card (optional)Free
    in EUR without physical presence
    to control all transactions
    in English
    to any part of the world
    Certified by a notary or notary public
    Certified by a notary or notary public
    Electricity, water, gas, telephone or bank statement
    in English
1.- Can I add the card to iPhone's Wallet? 2.- Can I purchase two of these cards (to better control expenses)? 2.- If I purchase two of these anonymous cards, and I receive money in only one of them. Can I later transfer money from that card into the other anonymous one? Thanks!
Hello, I would be interested in acquiring an anonymous bank card, but I'm a little confused. This card is supposed to be anonymous, but you ask to provide documents that do not guarantee the anonymity of the buyer at all. Can you light my lantern? Moreover, I live in France and I cannot provide bank documents in English. Is it a problem ? What are the guarantees that my documents will never be shared? Regards,
Hi What documents do you need in order to get the card? Thanks

Dear Kostas, 

In order to apply for the card we will need to receive the following information: 

1. Nationality of the cardholder. 

2. Purpose of use. 

3. Origin of incoming and outgoing payments. 

Also, please review the list of the requirements


If is completely anonymous, What name do we use when transferring money via direct card or bank transfer?

Dear Joseph, 

When you make a transfer using an anonymous card, the name that the receiver sees is the name of the company that offers this kind of cards. However, there are some providers who use the codes or certain numbers to identify the client. Unfortunately, right now our company doesn't provide this service. 

Kind regards

Is there a limit of anonymous bank accounts that can be opened under one name ? If so, how many can I open ?

Dear Nicolas, 

Thank you for getting in touch with our company. This condition depends on the provider of anonymous cards. Currently we are not offering offshore prepaid debit cards but we are working really hard to find a new trustworthy financial institution for this service. Nevertheless, can offer you to open an offshore personal bank accounts with which you will be able to obtain a debit card for ATM withdrawals and online and offline purchases. With which account one debit card will be issued and you can open one account per financial entity. 

Please contact us if you are interested in other services that we can offer.

What is the max ATM withdraw, for each?

There is the maximum daily limit for withdrawal and it depends on the ATM machine of the financial entity where you are going to withdraw the funds. There are some of them that allow 1000 USD from foreign cards, some less. 

how can i deposit money on that credit card
You can deposit money on the credit card by wire transfer and another debit or credit card. Regards

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