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Would you like to pay less tax or to achieve more anonymity and asset protection? If your answer is yes, than you are in a right place because we are experts in registering offshore and onshore companies. 

What is offshore company? 

Offshore companies are legal entities registered in countries or territories with favorable tax regimes outside the residence of the shareholders and directors of this company. 

Depending on the fiscal policy of each country an offshore company registered on its territory might be a subject to 0 or very low income tax duties. Usually this type of companies is not obliged to submit annual accounting records or hold shareholders meetings. 

Registering an offshore company is 100% legal and this term should be used when we speak about tax saving and not tax evasion. We live in a competitive world where each company tries to produce and sell more, but at the same time trying to minimize the costs and expenses related to the business activity. Personal tax planning that can be created for an offshore company helps to reduce tax obligations significantly and as a result helps to create a competitive advantage. The most common examples of offshore jurisdictions are Panama, Belize, Anguilla, Vanuatu, Bahrain, Costa Rica and Seychelles.  

However, not all individuals choose tax havens for setting up a company for its future commercial activities. Searching for a better reputation for its business some entrepreneurs choose onshore company registration.  

Offshore company for online business  

One of the main reasons why offshore company formation became so popular is a growth of companies and business activities whose sales and management are carried out online. Now the consumer doesn’t need to take a car or travel to another country in order to buy a certain product or services, as long as you are connected to Internet everything is within reach. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs from all over the world choose offshore company formation to sell their products. The main reasons for choosing offshore way for developing online business is tax saving, no need to have a physical office, easy to outsource and possibility to operate worldwide. However, there are more advantages of setting up an offshore company

Offshore company: Advantages  

  • Tax-exempt status: the companies registered in tax-free or low tax jurisdictions enjoy favorable fiscal regimes;
  • Anonymity: a possibility to use nominee service and private commercial registry;
  • Access to overseas markets;
  • Offshore company can be registered with bearer shares
  • Personalized tax planning and fiscal flexibility;
  • Assets protection and limited liability of shareholders;
  • Easy incorporation: offshore company can be registered in a time period from 3 to 10 days depending on jurisdiction. 
  • Companies are not obliged to present annual accountsand audits in most of offshore jurisdictions;
  • Saving on registration costs and maintenance;
  • Since all the business is carried out outside of the jurisdiction where the offshore company was registered there is no need to have a physical office.  

Onshore company: Advantages  

Onshore companies are usually incorporated in home countries of beneficial owners or in prestige financial jurisdictions with the objective of carrying out the business within its borders and under all legal and fiscal obligations. Examples of onshore companies are Delaware, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Hong Kong. 

Advantages of registering an onshore company:

  • Easiness when opening a bank account on the name of the company comparing to the same process for offshore company;
  • Political and financial stability;
  • Onshore companies can conduct the business activity on the territory of the jurisdiction and hire its citizens; 
  • Good reputation and positive clients perception: usually onshore jurisdictions have good reputation among other entities and banks;   
  • Transparency: since onshore companies have to present annual accounts and have a physical office it is easier for clients and fiscal authorities to obtain information about the activities of the companies.  

As we can see, both, offshore and onshore companies have its advantages and it depends on the clients needs and circumstances which jurisdiction and form of registration to choose. Contact us and our experts will offer you the best solution for your business.    


Mr. Umar

I wish to know, Is it possible to register an offshore company and then open a bank account for it, in order to deposit cash money in the said account. Hope to hear from you soon


Good morning Mr. Umar, 

Thank you for getting in touch with us. Of course, we can help you to register an offshore company and to open a bank on it's name. Regarding the company formation, the range of jurisdictions is quite wide, you can choose, for example, offshore company in Belize or in Cyprus, which will be inside the European Union. It all depends on what your commercial activity is and the nationality of the shareholders

Regarding the bank account, it gets opened once the company is registered and it will take 3 weeks more or less. For some accounts your physical presence is not necessary, other banks require the presence of the shareholders of the company. Also, you have mentioned the possibility to deposit cash on your corporate account. Keep in mind that in order to be able to do that you will have to be willing to travel to the country where the bank is located. Keep in mind that any deposit of large amounts in cash to corporate accounts should be justified with the certificates or contracts. 

Please check out all the requirements necessary to begin with the process and please contact us via email or Skype in order to speak with our agents and decide on which option is best for your business. 


Zar chi Oo
I want to take.out money from my acc I am from myanmar help me inhurry

Good afternoon, in order for us to be able to attend your request we need to know exactly what the problem is. Why can't you withdraw money by yourself and in which jurisdiction and bank do you have your bank account. Please contact us via e-mail contact form or Skype (you can find our Skype ID on the main page) and provide a little bit more information on this issue. We will do our best to help you with it.


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