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Open offshore bank account in Danske Bank PLC in USA


Can I open an offshore bank account at Danske Bank PLC in USA?


Yes, you can open a bank account in Danske Bank PLC USA, however the success of the process depends on the banking officer in charge of opening your bank account. The bank decides if it opens the account or not depending on your nationality, nature of the business, reasons for opening the account. Also please take into consideration that in general it is very complicated to open a bank account without a physical presence in a financial institution of United States. If you are of American nationality all the banks in the world are required to inform the IRS that a person with an American passport has requested an opening of a bank account. As a result, many banks have decided not to open bank accounts to individuals and companies with an American passport.

The main reason for not opening an account to an American is that if the IRS detects that it has not been informed about the opening, it can suspend the bank from opening accounts in the US and operating in US dollars. The bank Danske Bank PLC USA is a holding company of a Nordic bank and its parent company is not from the USA. For clients from the north of Europe it is much easier to open an account in the Danske Bank PLC USA, for the American clients it will not be complicated either due to a holding company of the bank working on American territory and under American laws. If the clients are of another nationality that are not from the European Union, the US or Canada, I recommend that they contact the international accounts department of the bank and request information about opening a bank account.

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