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Loan money with a financial company


How can I formalize a company that gives and receives cash for its application (granting loans through loan agreements - Joint Ventura) as well as receiving on account and order? Regards


If you want to set up a company with a financial license to grant real and non-fictitious loans, I recommend registering it in Mauritius or Belize. Note that the cost in both jurisdictions is 24,995 euros. The minimum time of incorporation of the licensed company is 4-6 months. Companies with a financial license are verified by the country's central bank and have a very strict KYC process.

Joachim Grottling
Hi my name is Joachim Grottling from gothenburg sweden and I want to borrow 5 million euro for 15 year please to start my own business please and investment please Please contact soon as possible please

Dear Joachim. 

Thank you for contacting us. However, we are not a financial entity and we don't grant loans nor credits. 



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