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Certificate of incorporation in Panama


Where can I see a certificate of incorporation of Panama? And what information does it contain?


Please find bellow an example of certificate of incorporation of a company registered in Panama.

Certificate of incorporation in Panama

hi there, This is Mitsuo from JAPAN. My friend and I are planning to start a new business to sell products(lampshade) over the internet. My friend works in Australia but he is Japanese. I own some company in Japan so probably my partner and my friend will be shareholders. the director will be my friend. It is developing with a university in Australia collaborative research so I need to have a company somewhere. We are planning to try crowdfunding for our project in the future. I think our business sales volume is probably not big. However, Japanese and Australian taxes are very high so I'm looking for some countries that have low company taxes. I was checking many locations that have low taxes. someplace like Singapore, the upkeep of the company costs is high per year. Labuan island changes a law many times. the company needs to hire 2 local people nowadays. same as Singapore the upkeep costs are high. I used to stay in Hong Kong so it is nice but the worsening of economic conditions. Samoa, Panama, Nevis sounds nice to me but I am not sure how different between other offshore companies like BVI, Seychelles, Brunei, and the Isle of Man. I am also checking Georgia, Armenia, and Bulgaria too. I am very confused about where the best place to set up a company is. The lower costs of running a company, the better. Could you please tell me your ideas which and where is the best place to set ut a company, if you can. The lower costs of running a company, the better. Could you please tell me your ideas which and where is the best place to set up a company, if you can. I saw a person who said a company can be formed and held in Panama with the use of nominee services and becomes the company director of a Nevis LLC using corporate directors and shareholders. What do you think of this? I think I do not need to make messy for the structure but I would like to hear your ideas. Best Regards, Mitsuo

Dear Mitsuo. 

Thank you for the interest in our company. In order to provide you with the best advice we need to know what the commercial activity of the company is because some jurisdictions are better for one kind of service and others for another. Also we will need to know if your commercial activity involves application for a the license in order to be offered to your future clients all over the world. 

Speaking in general we still recommend Hong Kong for company formation. Keep in mind that on this territory the fortune of many international countries is kept and everything possible will be done to keep it safe. 

Also we can recommend you to register a company in Delaware. Having a company in United States can give you a good image when developing new technology products and services. 

Regarding other offshore jurisdictions, company in Belize and Costa Rica will allow you to save considerably on tax but it will be harder to open bank accounts for companies registered in this jurisdictions, but still possible. Also you have options in European Union, like Bulgaria or Cyprus. Tax rates are much lower there than in other European countries. 

Regardless the country you will choose for a company formation, here you can find the list of the requirements that you have to comply with in order to begin with the process. 

Please contact us via e-mail, Skype or WhatsApp if you are interested in any of these options or if you have any additional questions.



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