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Certificate of incorporation St Vincent Grenadines


Where can I see a certificate of incorporation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines? And what information does it contain?


Please find bellow an example of certificate of incorporation of a company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Certificate of incorporation in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Pekka Kelkka

Hi We will launch our crypto token ASAP. Can you help us on this? Kind regards Pekka Kelkka, CEO YottaChainMENA


Dear Pekka Kelkka, 

Thank you for getting in touch with our company. I would like to ask you to be more specific about the services that you are requiring. The range of our services is quite large, we can register an offshore company for you and then a bank account. But first we need to have a clear idea of what the needs of your business are. 

Please contact us via e-mail o Skype with a short description of your commercial activity, nationality of shareholders and countries of operation

Kind regards

Hi, I am planning to incorporate in St. Lucia for operating as Crypto Currency Exchange business. Could you please provide me more information? Thank you, Phani

We can open a bank account in Santa Lucia or Serbia for Crypto the price is 895 eur and 995 eur. Currently we do not have it published, but the bank's rates are very similar to the opening of a bank account in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


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