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Cost of registering an offshore company in Panama?


What is the cost of registering an offshore company in Panama and how can I calculate and pay income taxes if I am a resident of Mexico?


The cost of registering a Panamanian company is quite low and varies according to the characteristics of the future company, for example, if you need "Nominee" services, the price will increase considerably. If a client requires an offshore company in Panama without Nominee services the price would be 2395 euros, if he wants a Panamanian company with services nominee the cost will increase to 3395 euros. Note that the Nominee services that we offer are specialized in Trust and wealth protection.

Referring to the taxes that the ISR will make you pay, they depend on the benefits that Panamanian company has throughout the fiscal year. I understand that Mexico will force you to pay taxes on all worldwide income and logically you will have to declare your Panamanian company, whether Nominee services were contracted or not. The taxes that the ISR will apply will depend on the volume of earnings you have in Mexico, either with your Mexican companies or being self-employed. That is, if you have annual profits in Mexico of $ 10,000 with your Mexican companies and have other $ 10,000 profit with your Panamanian company for Mexican ISR you have had an economic return of $ 20,000, Therefore, to these $ 20,000 the ISR will apply the tax rate you must pay.

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