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Hello, I would like to register an offshore company but I want to make sure that I am doing it in a legal way. All my savings are from licit activities and I have never been related to money laundering. I am a trader and my goal is to reduce my tax liability. Also I will need an offshore bank account to purchase a house and a car. Can I?


Of course you can register an offshore company, it is 100% legal. You will be able to develop any kind of licit activity with your offshore company, just the same way as you would do it with any company registered in your country of residence. Registering an offshore company you can start saving on tax reducing the tax burden. If you decide to repatriate the funds generated by your company to your personal bank account in your country of residence, in order to keep it legal, we recommend you to declare these benefits and then you can spend it freely. 

If you open a bank account on the name of your company you can buy cars on the name of your company, deduct travel expenses and buy property in any country in the world. 

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