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Opening offshore company in Dubai


Best regards, I would like to receive an information about setting up a business in Dubai. The purpose of the incorporation of the company is to open a bank account and to receive profits produced by the sale of commodity AU, the % received is the commissions for the financial advice. I will be the only shareholder of the company. I will need a company with a business address, minimum administrative responsibilities and opportunity to open bank accounts on the name of the company in other countries. Also, I would like to have financial support for investments in the local and international financial market. Possibilities of having activities in Forex and accounting support. Please inform me about the cost of all these services separately and in package.


Setting up a company in Dubai for the type of business you mentioned is quite a simple process, but I need you to take the following into account: You cannot manage third-party funds with a Dubai company and if you are going to manage third-party funds you will have to request a financial license in the country since if the bank detects that it is managing the funds, your account will be closed automatically.

In reference of opening a company in Dubai it will have the following characteristics: 

  • It can be registered with you being the only shareholder.
  • Your company will be able to make purchases and sell commodity provided that the funds are your own and not from other investors.
  • The company can open bank accounts in Dubai and in any country in the world. Please note that to open a bank account in the name of the Dubai company you will have to physically go to the country, it is a mandatory requirement.
  • Banks in Dubai are experts in international investments and your company will be provided with an investment platform.
  • You will have an accounting service in English and physical address in the country.
  • The price of setting up a company in Dubai is 5.995 euros, and does not include nominee services or costs of opening a bank account.

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