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Sole proprietorship offshore: requirements


Which requirements do I have to comply with in order to register Sole proprietorship offshore company? Can one person register an offshore company and serve as a director and shareholder?


In reference to the number of people required to register an offshore company we want to confirm that yes, ONE person is enough. Offshore jurisdictions allow director and shareholder to be the same person and own 100% of shares. Also, you can use Nominees, whose name will appear in country's commercial registry instead of the name of beneficial owner. 

The requirements to register an offshore company are the following:                                       

Copy of Passport 
Apostiled and certified by a notary
Copy of Personal Identity Card 
Apostiled and certified by a notary
Copy of one utility bill not older than 3 months 
Electricity, water, gas, telephone or bank statement.
Bank Reference or bank certificate not older than 3 months
In English 


Rafael candelabra
I bought a semi truck , 2005 freight liner century , I pull containers out of the rail yard here in the state of Pennsylvania in the US, taxes are insane! I am sole proprietor and the company is in my name. Is there anything I can do to avoid going broke and paying so much taxes? The fuel rates alone are destroying my business and the load rates are very low and not going up. I’m just getting by and working a lot. If I can avoid this scam they got going on here in America , THAT WOULD BE GREAT!

Dear Rafael, 

Thank you for getting in touch with our company. Since your business is physically based in US you have to pay the taxes that this country imposes on you. For this kind of business scheme we can not elaborate offshore tax plan. 



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