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What are the Articles of incorporation?


What are the Articles of incorporation or the Certificate of incorporation?


The articles of incorporation (sometimes called "Certificate of incorporation") is the essential part of the package of documents of a company and represents an identification of the country where it has been registered. The information included in the articles of incorporation can vary greatly depending on the country in which the company has been set up. However, there is a common information that most countries require:

  1. The name of the company: The name by which your company will be known must include one of the abbreviations: "Corp.", "Inc.", "S.L.", S.A. "etc. You may need to search and verify the availability of the name before submitting the articles of incorporation. In the event that you incorporate your partnership with a specialized company, the articles of incorporation will be included. 
  2. The address of a registered office of the company: all companies must have a registered office in located in the country of registration. It can be your business address, the address of your accountant, registered agent or any other address you choose. However, it must be an address where you can receive all notices and official letters. 
  3. Structure of the shares: all the companies, in spite of their size, must determine the number of authorized shares that represent the property of this company. The common stock value of most small offshore companies is 1 USD. 
  4. The purpose of the company or commercial object: the reason why the company is incorporated that includes the description of the service or product that it will provide.

Articles of incorporation are very important for the following reasons: 

A company does not officially exist and can not carry out any type of business if it has not submitted the articles of incorporation to the appropriate government agency in the country of registration. A large number of international companies publish articles of incorporation on their websites. In this way, customers know who is responsible for the company and feel more secure when doing business with them.

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