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What is tax planning and what is its ultimate goal?


What is tax planning and what is its ultimate goal?


Tax planning is the legal mode and a structured model that a natural person or company uses to avoid the maximum taxation in their country of residence. The vital part in carrying out this fiscal planning are the offshore financial centers. Tax planning is not done in tax havens, as we all think, but outside these financial centers. Thanks to the favorable fiscal environments of the offshore financial centers and double taxation agreements, the perfect tax planning can be carried out.

From our webpage you will learn how to identify an offshore financial center or an international financial center, move your business from onshore to offshore, reduce the tax burden on your company, use the best tax planning for your company, how to save taxes legally, choose the best jurisdiction for your company, will see what are the advantages of going to offshore jurisdictions, tax information for expatriates, percentage of the taxes of the residents, double taxation agreements, choose the best banks. Also you will get familiar with the types of offshore accounts that exist, see the best types of offshore companies, investment funds, acquire and save goods, make a will, see the precautions and disadvantages of going to a jurisdiction without taxes, information about money laundering, tax information between countries, know if the embargoes are justified or unjustified, taxes for holdings, commercial activities, hiring of insurance, foundations in Liechtenstein and Anglo-Saxon foundations, variable income, eurobonds, acquire and store precious metals, investment funds in a diversified portfolio of raw materials, financing in offshore jurisdictions, use of the trust, capitalization of profits, offshore bank cards, companies that own ships and yachts, obtain postal addresses, bank secrecy, tax law, onshore tax rates, obtain dual citizenship and much more.

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