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How income tax is calculated by an S.A. in Panama?


How income tax is calculated by an S.A. in Panama?


Calculating the income taxes (IT) that an SA in Panama has to pay is simple. The Mexican resident payer will have to take into account the world earnings, that is, he will have to take into account what he has earned in Mexico, the SA in Panama or any other income in the world. Once the person declares all the world earnings the IT will apply a percentage of taxes depending on the amount that he has earned. Depending on the volume of rents, the percentage of taxes will be higher or lower, higher the income is higher are the taxes applied. Currently, Mexico has signed the automatic information exchange treaty and as of this year, countries such as Panama will send bank information reports to Mexican ISR. Therefore, we recommend declaring the income that you have in other countries, either with companies or with private accounts. Once declared it could carry out a tax planning and in this way the payment of taxes to Mexican tax authorities could be reduced or delayed considerably.

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