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LLC in Delaware with account in the USA


Good afternoon. Having an LLC in Delaware where the sole objective of the company is e-commerce of digital content charging a % per each digital product sold (We will not market with physical products). With an LLC in Delaware it will be necessary to declare the gross and net income of the company. If the LLC has a bank account in the USA, does the bank request any type of balance or declaration of said income to certify that these revenues are completely legal and come from e-commerce? Thank you very much for your attention.


If an offshore company in Delaware has accounts in the US, it automatically will be a subject to taxation and will pay its tax based on the benefits the company has since the US is not a tax haven and the state of Delaware is less. The main difference between Delaware and other American states is that in Delaware there are several types of local taxes that are not applied, such as sales VAT, which would be similar to VAT in the European Union. You can see more information on company formation in Delaware.

sudarshan bijinepalli
I am from India now looking to open US bank account for LLC company which is registered in Delaware

Dear Sudarshan, 

Please, provide us with the following information via our e-mail so that we can offer a better solution for your company. 

1. Nationality of shareholder/s 

2. The main commercial activity of the company 

3. Origins of incoming and outgoing payments. 

4. Estimated volume of transactions per month/year. 

Once we have this information our agents will be able to offer you a better solution that would suit your commercial needs. 

Waiting for your reply, 


Dhiraj Gupta
I have registered a company and it is Delaware corp. I am looking assistance towards opening offshore bank account etc. Best Regards Dhiraj Gupta UAE Cell: +971503476439 Indian Cell: +919591511799 Whatsapp: +971503476439

Dear Dhiraj Gupta. 

Thank you for your question. In order for us to proceed with the service, please provide us via e-mail with the following information: 

1. The type of commercial activity of the company. 

2. The nationality of the shareholders. 

3. Estimated annual turnover

4. Origin of incoming and outgoing payments. 

Kind regards.


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