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Hello, I want to enter a multilevel marketing business, which will report a certain monthly figure. My question is: what could I do to minimize the taxation of these revenues? Offshore account is really safe against tax agencies? What would be the procedure? Could wire transfers be made from France or Spain to this offshore account without problems with tax agency? I speak of transfers of 3,000 eur or so of different people of course. Regards


You are not committing any illegality with your MLM business, it is totally legal and you can operate without problems with an offshore company. In case if you do not want to appear in the transaction we recommend you to set up a company in Belize with an account in Cyprus. From what I see the transferred amounts are not very high and you will not have problems with your tax agency. You can receive payments from any country in the world to your offshore including France and Spain. Not all offshore are considered tax havens, you can register an offshore company in Cyprus, for example, with your bank account and it would not be considered a tax haven. Have a nice day

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