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VAT in United Kingdom


Hello, I have an offshore company in the UK. I have always worked without VAT because it did not exceed the threshold of 80,000 euros when it becomes obligatory in UK. Now I have registered the VAT number for intra-community transactions, but I do not know if it is now necessary to include VAT in the invoices to my clients in Spain. I have all the accounts in the United Kingdom. My manager wants to charge me 300 euros for answering this question, I am outraged.


If you have UK VAT number, you are now obliged to charge your customers with the English VAT on all sales that you make in the European Union, including Spain. Logically, all the purchases you make in the EU may also deduct the VAT. In the case of not charging VAT on operations to your customers in the EU, you will be committing a VAT fraud and can be prosecuted by the English authorities. Do you have the intra-community VAT number? In reference to the English tax advisors, they are so nice. I await your comments.

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